Component needed: Camera

I need component for fast shot from smartphone camera: I press button “Take a photo” on my first screen and app move me to new screen where camera show preview + button “shot”. Photos adds somewhere (it can be adalo table or external storage, for example). Like QR-code component but only photo.

Maybe someone own something like this and I can buy a copy, or write needed time and cost for develop one?

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Can anyone suggest how long this might take and how much it might cost?

I’ve developed this component

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Well i am interested in it, but i’d like to see a demo of it, or test it somehow and also can you capture video?

Sure, I’ll share video.
Unfortunately, it supports only shots on native devices (ios & android)
Do you need video?

That’s my only concern, ios and android

your prices are expressed in cents reassure me…?

I private messaged you

Can you DM THis video to i need this

Really cool. Some demos for all of your components would be great to see (and for your sales too) :sunglasses:

There is a video of the camera component. I hope it allows to see how it works:

Flow: Camera → Preview → Adalo Image(Show that it fully integrated into Adalo)
In a short time, I’ll add a spinner and buttons design.
Need some time to prepare a video for iPhone