Camera Component with costum features

I am working with an aesthetic clinic that takes lot of before and after pictures of their customers. So I need a camera component that could take photos from the Adalo app - not from a native iPhone camera.

I need some specific futures like

Guidelines (to help take the exact angles and size of a profile picture - I think maybe 5 different guidelines)

Photo ghosting (A future that can show a specifically chosen picure as a blurred background on the camera - So we can take almost the exact picture as before)

Drawing and annotation tools

And maybe this goes as an other component, but I also need a future that can compare photos side by side - as an collage of those photos.

I know this is a lot to ask for but I hope someone are up for an challange. Please send me an DM for a price estimate

+1 on the guidelines. Should be priority & standard (free)

@adjen We have a photo component that allows taking photos from Adalo (iOS&Android)
You can try the trial version of this component.
I’ll check what needs to be done to extend this component with excepted features.