Components in lists lead to other lists

I am trying to figure out in individual components in lists can lead to other lists?
For instance, a components on a list of industries lead to a list of months (each industry having a separate list of month), and then components of the list of months lead to a list of activities (each month having a separate list of activities).

The lists will be build by me, and not the users.

Hey @Uitty, yes, of course!

Instead of selecting the list component itself, select a component within the list.

So, for example, select the icon in the list and add an action to the icon to link to another screen.

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Thanks @vancewong!
I tried that but it looks like all instances of the icon on the list will lead to the same page. What if I wanted each instance of the icon to lead to a separate page.
So, every column on the list has an icon, but each of those icons have a different action assigned to them.
Is that possible? I see I can only assign an action to the first column on the list. I don’t know how to change that.

Oh, then you shouldn’t be using lists. Lists are for when you want to send users to the same page but with data related to the list item the user selects.

Think of lists as your product catalogue on an eCommerce website.

Technically, every product page is the same (for eg. Amazon) in terms of layout and design. The only elements that change are the product title, description, images, etc.

If you want something like a website’s main navigation bar (for eg. home, about, blog, contact, faqs, etc.), then you shouldn’t be using a list. You can create one block of components (a rectangle, text in it, an icon for the button, an image, etc.), duplicate that, and change the content accordingly. Then link individual block to the respective pages that you want.

Example of what you want to achieve (using my app’s home page as a sample)

Example of what a list is good for (using my app’s schedule page as a sample)

Hope that explains it better :slight_smile:

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Thanks! This makes a lot more sense now.
What if the components I need to add are longer than the screen frame? For instance, only 5 components can fit the screen frame, and I have 8 so the user will have to scroll down. How do I add the 3 extra components that can’t fit?

I blame this on the UI :joy: Click on the title of the screen at the top above the frame, you’ll see transform handles. Drag it to expand the screen and you’ll be good.

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Oh thank you! This clears that up!

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