Components not in preview

High so when I add a new component to one of my screens, it doesn’t seem to show up in the preview for some reason. So far I have added a card list and an icon button, but neither seem to show up. Wonder if anyone can explain why it is not working.


Essaye d’actualiser ta page pour voir…

Do you have data in the list to show?

I don’t at the moment but shouldn’t the icon be showing up?

Probably not as if there is nothing in the list it might not trigger a display… add a couple sample items to the table for the list so there is some data to work with… you can delete them later if needed

I have an icon that also isn’t showing up, any ideas?

Is it set to only show sometimes? Also is it under another element? Screen shots for Loom video recordings are helpful to assist in figuring these kinds of things out.