🛑Components with bugs🛑

It hasn’t worked for weeks. What happened to the Adalo team? Various components of the marketing place no longer work. It is not possible to upload in the native android app 8, 9 and 10. Several people complained about these errors for weeks and Adalo does not respond to ticks or emails. Please Adalo, it is not possible to use something with many defects. It is not even possible to build a mvp with most of the defective components. Stripe payments are also giving error. Gmail login on android does not work. It is being incredible the position of silence of you before the customers that you still have. Adalo teachers or experts, I don’t need your opinion, because what you always answer is the same thing: Send an emial or open a ticket on adalo. How will they teach something that doesn’t work. How to use something with many bugs. Adalo had a lot to be the best in the segment, but I see that he fell asleep, doing nothing to solve the components of dozens of customers are complaining.

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