Are you also going through this?

It is difficult to take Adalo seriously. the login component with e gmail has not been working for weeks on Android. (Several people are complaining and doing nothing. I already sent them a message and it takes them a year to respond and they still do nothing. The Dropdown Menu component has not been working for more than a week, too. How do they want to move forward if they can’t handle it? It’s not money that makes a big company, but the concern to act as quickly as possible to do what’s right, instead of having quantity, the most important thing is quality. I’ve been on the Pro plan for over 6 years months and managed to do some projects using Adalo. At the same time I lost all of them because of a LOT of complaints. Slowness, components fail the week, the geolocation component takes months to be done.

They need to align and take seriously the entrepreneurs who decided to bet on Adalo and build serious projects. I write this believing that I can wake up and make the Adalo tool something more solid. and it was amazing were the comments, saying that maybe something new or improvement will come on the platform now. I feel like I threw away 300 dollars and many hours. You are reading this message and want to do a serious project, solid at this moment is not Adalo, maybe in the near future or not.

I just don’t see what this post accomplishes @Josh098. They’re moving as fast as possible and are doing a pretty darn good job doing so (implementing a transparent performance gameplan, building a status page, improving ticket response times). Even with a recent announcement of funding, it just doesn’t go from a startup to Facebook overnight - hiring takes time, implementing new features and performance enhancements are massive undertakings when you have a bunch of parts you can’t break while doing so.

For your detailed issues, It’s probably best to just:

  • Follow-up with support if they’re not responding.

  • Create a forum topic only on one issue and be polite, singular, and to the point with clear detail of the problem.

  • Hire an Adalo expert

As for this:

“You are reading this message and want to do a serious project, solid at this moment is not Adalo”

Not true, I was able to launch the MVP of my product in only 5 weeks, iterate a vast number of changes quickly after launch, and am now seeing up to hundreds of downloads a day all due to Adalo. Adalo is single-handedly the reason why my product is going warp-speed. It’s allowing me to be ahead of the market, all without hiring expensive engineers. A business takes over market share if they can be experts in at least one of these elements: Speed, Cost, Quality, Dependability, and Flexibility… which Adalo is doing multiple of these with their valuable and truly cutting-edge technology.

I wish you the best on your build @Josh098. Stress is apart of it. From someone who’s used A LOT of low-code/no-code “Solutions”, I promise you’ll come back to Adalo.


Hi Josh,

Adding onto what @ProU said.

  1. If you think you found a bug or something is not working as it’s supposed to be, the best thing to do is submit a support ticket.

2. If you are having trouble building something in your app or you need help with something, you could post it here in the forum and the community will be glad to help you. :slight_smile:

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