Serious problems

During the last week, we have serious implementation problems in android and probably also in ios. Adalo is a small team for support and I really appreciate their attitude. But we are also on the other side as clients. And we have responsibilities to third parties. with which it is necessary to give answers as well. I strongly ask you to find a balance point, if there are problems it is good to be aware and know about it. Thank you

This isn’t the right venue for this post. The Adalo team doesn’t actively monitor the forum (there are mods for that) and you haven’t provided any information for the forum participants to help you.

@Erik Sí, lo entiendo. Ya que he recaudado los boletos correspondientes. Es que hago la aclaración aquí.

yes, I understand. since I have raised the corresponding tickets. is that I make the clarification here. all the applications I had already stopped working. and I fully understand that the forum is not the place. But since you suggest that I send the ticket and I don’t have the answer, I have no other way out @Erik

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