Concern about App Actions and Screen Refresh

I’m worried about the number of actions my app will incur, especially when I am not the one in control. I’m very serious in optimizing my app in order avoid unnecessary actions. How can I refresh the screen with out incurring actions? I don’t want my user or my app to make multiple and random 0.00217USD just for this kind of update. I’ve enabled auto-refresh in the list, which works well for the list itself. However, its not updating conditional visibility or for example current status. I am making an ordering app and the status part was important. Thank you in advance

Each ‘Link’ navigation incurs 1 x Action. Auto refresh doesn’t require any (only CRD of CRUD incur an Action).

Unfortunately there are times when it feels Adalo counting an Action is miserly, but this is the pricing strategy they have chosen and they have stuck with it for some time now.

WRT to visibility, these would normally switch upon the update cause by the logged in user I think. So if they are coming from elsewhere then you likely need a screen reload (bounce to a transparent screen and back).

Hello, usually you’ll be able to visibly notice the change in the number of actions, and it will take time to increase.For more info about it, you can send a support ticket : Submit a Support Ticket

Thank you!

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