Conditional actions - help!


I have a problem with conditional actions that I can’t get to work properly.

Here is what I want to do:
When a user logs in, I want to send them either to a “dashboard” screen or to a “subscription” screen depending on a true or false “subscription” field.

And what’s the issue you are experiencing?

Your case is a very simple one (as you described it).

Where do you have your actions?

Can you share screenshots of your configuration?

Hey @Tang,

Don’t use conditional actions right after login - they may not work properly. You can search the forum - this has been discussed several times.

You need to add an additional “interim” screen. Right after login send users to this screen. In turn, on the interim screen you can add two (or more) conditional “on-screen-enter” actions.

Here is an old example how similar functionality could be implemented: Adalo tutorials: admin and user access to different screens. UPDATE in the description - YouTube

Best regards, Victor.

Good morning! I too have had this issue! I ended up using a landing screen that everyone sees and then having two buttons that are visible based on login status. This also helps because sometimes Apple rejects my apps when I have features that do not require logging in.

Hi, thanks for your advice, I took it. Apparently I missed something, I get stuck on “login 2” screen

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Hello, I speak french.

Sur cette captiure d’écran tu as défini ta Homepage comme étant le dashboard, OR tu devrais mettre la page Login 2 en tant que Homepage (l’icone maison). Sinon, a chaque fois qu’un utilisateur est connecté il ira sur le dashboard

I modified the homepage, no change I remain blocked on “login 2”

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