Conditional Formatting Hack?

Hey all
Does anyone know a good work around for conditional formatting? I have a number field from airtable shown as a percentage.

My goal is to have:
85% - 100% show up as green
65% - 84% show up as yellow
0% - 64% show up as red

I have tried making 3 different text fields all colored how I would lake and then making them conditionally show up, but it seems like this messes up the X, Y positioning.

Any thoughts?

I don’t think there is another. You have the right way to do, you “just” need to make deeper workaround about the design. Try with adding some invisible blocks to help you with positions


What do you mean by invisible blocks?

To fix the X, Y space errors, you must get your content lower. Sometimes this is enough, once I fixed it by adding a square. You can play with the opacity to make it not visible. So it’ll be here, It’ll make your content move, but the user won’t see it

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