Conditional visibility shows even when false

I have a group that is set to be sometimes visible if the count is 0 however even when the count is more than 0 the group is still visible. Basically, I am trying to create an empty state for a list. Anyone know why this may be or if I am setting it up incorrectly?

Hi Katie,

Could you show us the database record for when it’s not visible? For example, if you’re showing a list of trip counts, in your trips collection, you would show the record for the trip count.

This also may be happening because you are not logged into the app.

Now it’s not showing as true either…

From the database

nothing in the candidate saved column

Logged into the app

If I save a program, the program shows in the list and the count is updated.

and it is updated in the database…

The “you do not…” should show up only at 0.

Did you make sure there aren’t any spaces in the databases & filter, after the 0?

there are no spaces in the database or the filter

Could you send me a cloneable link for your app so I could check it out myself?

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