Conditions to show content to user

I have my first experience with no-code app, so I’m a little nervous and I’ll be grateful for help really :slight_smile: I’m building an app for iOS that is more concentrated on providing particular content for particular users.
I’m trying to find a solution for the case described below.
Can I set some content matrix to show particular content for users in case they choose particular answers on the first screen on a particular day?

Flow is the following:
User goes through onboarding questions - we save that data.
User comes to us on day 1, chooses the answers for 1-2 questions and gets content. This content should be influenced by data from onboarding, time of the day and the answers.
On day 2 user chooses new answers and gets new portions of the content.
And this flow is permanent, new day = new data+old data = new content

So there are several data that influence what content will be received: question answers, day number, time of day, and data from onboarding. Is it possible to set it? What parts and components should I use?

Thank you so much for any answers :slight_smile:

Hi @e.makarevich09 ,


What you are describing is similar to business requirements which is a perfect choice for mentoring or consulting by @Flawless .

I would suggest you build spreadsheet first and have comprehensive examples for extreme cases too, so you know your ground is covered.

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