Drip content: everyday at midnight for everyone


I’m using @theadaloguy’s solution for Drip Content (Drip Course Content - #7 by theadaloguy), but there’s something I would like to edit to this configuration, and I don’t know how.
I’d like to make the daily content available everyday at midnight for all the users, regardless the time of the day the user signed up.
Any idea on how to do that?

I have an idea.

2 collections, users, and drip content.

Users have a default created date/time parameter that you can use, but we want to add just a regular “Date” parameter to the users and call it “Signup Date” (as this will default to the start of the day the user registered at 12:00, not the exact time the user registers)

Drip content should have a number parameter for the day number.
Day #1, display content for day 1. Etc.

Add a hidden input to the screen and add a custom formula. The formula should be the ‘current time’ minus ‘logged-in user signup date’. This will give you the day number that the user is on.
Then, have your list of drip content where day is less.

Add the list of drip content to your screen with a filter where the drip content day number is less than the hidden input.

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