Problems retrieving the Current User Data

Hey there, I have a problem with the following. I checked the other questions regarding this topic and I did not find a solution.

In my admin panel I created a list of users that can be filtered by the admin. After the admin selects a user by clicking into their profile. From that moment onwards I was able to use the data type Current User (this is different from Logged In User) to enable the admin to add content and change things for the selected user.

Today I made some changes to the form used by the admin to add content to the Current User, and for some reason it now doesn’t find the Current User anymore in available data. See this screenshot:

while at the other pages following the user selection it shows this: image.

This was working before and I have a button that links the screen with the available data to the next screen with the form, so the Current User data should be available.

Anyone has pointers what I’m doing wrong? It seems this has recently changed without me updating anything.


It looks like there’s a link from your “Learning Overview” screen that’s causing Current User to not be available on the screen from your first screenshot.

I got it working by deleting the screen and adding a new one with new connections, I think there was a bug in the old one because I deleted all relationships and set them again and it still didn’t give me the proper data back.