Connect Adalo data with another app data

hi, i am creating 2 different apps.
i want to use some of the date from one app to another app.
i want to use those tables in another app.

i do not understand how to link it through API.
i am copying API link but dont know anything abt authentication process. can anyone guide ?

( I do not want to use whole data of 1st app)

This might be helpful:

If both apps don’t exist yet, or it is possible to reengineer them, you can use the same DB, for example Airtable or XANO, and then use same Databases and Tables but building the API endpoint for each, in the way you only get the data that you need.

My database is on adalo.
and both app are on adalo.
1st app is providing data API
2nd app is receiving API. so i want to know how connect this.
I am confused about authentication process only.
can you guide for same?