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How do you limit customer actions until they pay a subscription?

You can create a True/False property for each User called Subscriber.
Then you can direct the user to specific screens and/or make things visible/invisible based off of whether the user is a Subscriber.


Thanks! Need to be more creative. We have a toggle button that halfway works. It’s not empty but does not make an indication when someone clicks on it. What are the proper settings in the toggle action/submit?

Hmm…I’m not sure I’m understanding the issue. Any chance you can send a pic or vid so I can understand. You can post it here or dm it if you want.

Sure thanks! I dont think my toggle settings are correct.

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You shouldn’t need to have an entire collection for creating a toggle. Usually a toggle should be associated as a property to a collection. In this case as Michael suggested, you would have a toggle property (true/false) in the user collection and name that property “Subscriber”


Thanks I think to my answer its making a button sometimes visible depending if a condition is met;

Sure, we don’t want this secure donations page or the “next” button to work until charities pay a subscription to checkout. This way we give them the ability to browse then they pay the subscription to continue steps 2 and 3.

In this case you can create a toggle for the user (under the user collection). Let’s call it “Subscribed”.
Once they subscribe on charity subscription page, have the toggle mark “true”. If they cancel the subscription, have the toggle mark “false”.
Then make the Next button sometimes visible when the User’s Subscribed is marked “True”.

@ola77 You could also add to separate buttons, one visible when the user is subscribed and one visible when the user isn’t. This other button could redirect them back to subscribe.

To do this you would put another button directly underneath the first one with the opposite conditional. (sometimes visible when the User’s Subscribed is marked “False”)

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