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I’m trying to create an app that allows a user to select an item from a list and then to be taken to a differently designed screen depending on the selection. For example, an ‘Activities’ list option would take the user to a screen with a card list view of available activities but an ‘Information’ option takes them to a simple list view with various data.

After that stage, how can I create individual text screens for the information options? Does it need to all sit in one database or can an individual screen be created and then linked to a specific list item?

Sorry for what are likely obvious questions but after trying to watch many videos and reading the Adalo tutorial information I’m still not sure.


Hey @Ash1

Welcome to the community. quick & short answer to your question is you cannot link to different screens for each item in a list. (i.e. Phone book list >> when you click on a contact will take you to contact data)

Having said there’s a way to achieve what you described above.

The entire data goes into 2 collections:

  1. Activities Categories & information
  2. List of activities

one to many relationship between 1 & 2

On screen 1: you can show the first list with 2 icons/buttons
Click first icon/button > go to screen 2 to show list of activities in that category
click second icon/button > go to screen 3 with additional details (i.e. information) of the same item displayed here.

Not sure if this is what you’re looking for. This doesn’t work if your information is different for each item & sits in some other collection.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the thorough reply @bhanu !

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