Connection to database 2higr

Hi everyone. can you please tell me if I can link the databases of 2 published development versions on Adalo ? pwa. here’s what i want: in my 1. pwa let’s call it all the infrastructure where there are ads and api integration with the bank. I want 2. pwa to make pass data like order number, order details and customer details. can i do it at all? or how to send it?

Yeah this is doable, you need to split the ad from the actual app, and have two subdomain in your domains DNS and connect the corresponding ones in Adalo

Yes, I did, but how will they update the database data? I made a clone of my main pwa database transferred but empty, how can they be connected?

Just make them sharing the same DB

How can i do this?

it seems easy but i don’t understand how

When creating your desktop web app, you’ll see “advanced options” click on it and choose share existing db

yes i did that question
how from I will transfer order status to ?

Isn’t the status saved in the DB?

for no, it redirects data to / and contributes only for without updating the status for

I am so lost sorry…