"Contains" filter does not work in actions

I am trying to use the contains filter in adalo to verify users with email addresses that end in “@example.com”. I’m an expert at all things adalo, but this feature does not work for me anymore. I have a client that may need to activate 200 corporate clients for my app within the next few weeks and all of their activation pages will need to use this feature.

Has anyone experienced a similar problem? This is driving me crazy

Hi @tmurray19 ,

I use contain in visibility and it works.

Can you elaborate on how you’re trying to verify the users? Are you hiding or displaying something based on that filter?

I have corporate clients, so essentially a school signs up with me and I allow all users with @miscellaneouscollege.edu to activate premium memberships to the app. I currently have a custom action that sends a verification code to every email address at signup so that the people registering through this web app landing page are verified before they activate premium memberships.

I currently have it so there’s a signup form. Upon signup, verification code should only be sent to users who have the @specified.edu email address. Problem is, it isn’t working.

However, I went back and created a new app and it seems to work in the new one. Could it be that my old web app template is outdated?

If it’s working in a new app, I would say to delete the actions and recreate them.

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