Verification Email on Sign Up Action Not Sending

Hey y’all! You’ve been a HUGE help so far in my Adalo learning journey. I’m back with a few more questions…

I’m trying to follow Michael Ionita’s tutorial for how to verify a user’s email address (here → How to VERIFY User EMAILS in Adalo - Easy Using Integromat & Custom Actions - Best Tutorial 🤓 - YouTube). There are all sorts of funky things going on that I cannot explain. I’ll split out the issues into separate threads to keep 'em concise. Here’s the first issue:


I’ve got 3 actions triggered on sign-up as follows:

  1. Sign Up - Here’s where I set the username, email address, and password as the user set them in the sign up form. I also set the email verification code as RAND(100000,999999) and set the email-is-verified flag to false. I also have this action set to happen only when the password and verify password fields match. This action works fine.

  2. Send Verify Email - Here’s where I use the information the user just signed up with to trigger a Sendgrid email. I pull the email address and verification code from the DB and make an API call to Sendgrid. Unfortunately, this action never occurs; however, I know the custom action works because (a) I ran a successful test during creation of it and (b) it works just fine on the Verify User screen with the Didn’t receive an email? Resend it. button.

  3. Link - Here’s where I send the user to a Verify User screen to enter their verification code. This action works fine.

Here’s a video of how I have everything set up:

Any idea why the email would not send during the on-signup actions but would on a different screen (when the user clicks a Didn’t receive an email? Resend it. button)?

Hi Kevin,

Maybe because of the Signup Limitation? :face_with_monocle:

I guess the best way is to attach this Custom action on another screen!

Attaching another Nice Tutorial Video to do this using Abracadalo ( @Abracadalo ) and Sendgrid by Mario! : How to verify a user's email address upon registration using Adalo - YouTube

Thank you


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