How to verify if a email exists in the database before user signup

Hi. I´m trying to verify if a email exists before the user signup.

I have set this conditions to verify if the email exists.


But it doesn´t works fine.

I have created a field with this conditions

If I left the email field in blank and the result of the field is 37, it appears to show al the registers in the database,


Anyone can help me?

Adalo has this out the box warning. I expect it only works on their native user signup form. Not custom form.

In a custom form you risk exposing the email addresses of all users, as you have seen. Can you make do with the Adalo form?

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Thanks. I’ll try It.

Hi @Larguitto,

The way Adalo filtering works is when a filter value is empty, the backend considers that all values match this key.
That’s why you get “37” as a result. Also, for example, if you add a list of Users, add input box, and make a custom filter on that List that Email contains Input - when the input is empty, you will get all users.
To avoid this, you can use a conditional visibility on the element in question: make it visible sometimes, if the input is not empty.

But the easiest way is to use built-in Adalo form.


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Thanks Víctor !! i’ll try to use ir.

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