How to let users report a post?

We are building an app that lets users post content, specifically images. However, App Store requires us to have a way for users to report content. What’s an easy format to allow users to report a post and for us to be able to keep track of what’s being reported and for us to delete the post if necessary? Thanks in advance!

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Hi Jose,

In your ‘Posts’ Collection add a True/False property named Report then in the admin app or admin dashboard you could put a simple list and it’s going to be a list of ‘Posts’ then filter it by:

Report is equal to > True

Then you could add a icon to the side and add action to delete the post.

I also made a video to help you:

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions.


Adding to what James said, in the last social media app we made, we had a M2M field for “Flagging Users”. When a user “flagged” a post, we added them to the collection. If Flagging Users count was greater than 5, we automatically censored the post (without review).

You’ll also need a way to block users too. So be ready to add that functionality too if it doesnt exist.



Thanks for the feedback!!

Hi @Erik ! How did you do to automatically censor the post if the flagging users count was greater than 5?
And just out of curiosity, I’d love to see the social media app you made (only if you’re okay to share it) :blush:

We added a custom filter to the list so it’ll only show posts with less than 5 flags.

What do you want to specifically see about the app? We’re thinking about posting it as a template in the future, but it needs a bit of rework.

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