Contents not showing in list

I am creating an app where a user can create folders.
Below is a list of logged in users > folders, when a folder is created nothing appears in the list, but the database shows that the newly created folder has been created properly. (See screenshots below where I walk through this)
Screenshot 1: List which should contain folder names

Screenshot 2: Folder being created and proof it has been added to the database

Screenshot 3: List still isn’t showing the folder which was just created

Does anyone what the problem may be here? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Brandon,

Because the Logged in user not added to the relationship property. Create a One to many relationship between Folders and Users. And on creating the folder you can add that property on automatic section on the form and add the value as Logged in user. If it is a custom form you can add Logged in user on your create action to that property. And you can filter the list as Logged in user>Folders. I think you don’t need a many to many to relationship unless you need to make a way to the folder’s owner to give permission to other users to see it.

Thank you

Hi Dilon,
Thanks for your reply.
My plan is to allow other users to view folders which they have been invited too, kind of like Onedrive or GoogleDocs.
Does this mean that changing it to a one to many relationship isn’t an option?

Your Welcome!

Then you can keep that many to many relationship and on creating the Folder you can add Logged in user to that property and you can add a screen and link the list to that screen to view it and on there you can add a list of Users and a toggle inside the list and set it to Current Folder> Users>Include Current User.

I think I have added the logged in user to that property(see below).
Should my list not now be showing all of the logged in users folders?
Sorry I am slightly confused by this lol.

You have created a text property and added User’s email. Then you need to filter the list by that text property. But I don’t think it’s a good way. This is how I did it.

Oh yes I can see what you’re doing now. Definitely a better way of doing it.
I’ll give a go now.
Thanks again!

@dilon_perera - update: I have followed your video instructions, although I can only get the list showing either

  1. Folders created by logged in user
  2. Folders which logged in user has access too
    But I am struggling to get the list showing both of these.

This is how I have my filtering set up.
What am I doing wrong?

Is it possible to add a video showing the setup and preview or send me a invite to your app?

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