List shows up in empty state only


I am having a problem with list for a multi sided app. one for client and one for admins. The list I have the which clients submit are not showing up. Its like the list is in an empty state. What can I do.
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Hi @thuthu,

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The user relationship property in the requests collection is not empty right? Are you logged as the user that have requests?

Could you share some screenshots of your requests collection?

Thank you

Hi @dilon_perera .

Thank you for assisting me with this. The well i did 2 apps which share a database. For clients and admins. The client submits a request form to a specific admin and it should show up on the provider’s home screen. The list is filtered to “Logged In user>current request”. When a user logs in, the are not taken to the home screen straight away. A user is redirected to a page were the app verifies if the user is client or a provider. thats how I tried to filter user access in both apps.

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