Item created by other users displayed when it should not

Dear all,

I would like to introduce myself.

I discovered Adalo 4 weeks ago and I find it amazing!

I am imroving quite fast but I am sometime stucked…

And here is a problem I did not manage to solve by myself :slight_smile:

I made a quick video to explain.

Happy to give you more details if you can help but here is already some info :slight_smile:

The app allow coaches to create training sessions using a databe of exercises.

One coach (a user) create is own sessions and folders to classify the sessions.
Other coaches (other users) do not have access or can not see other coaches folders and sessions.

In that case, everything is working well except the part where in a Form field, the name of other user folders are displayed instead of just the ones from the current logged in user.

Thanks for your help!


Hi Cyril,

Welcome to the community :partying_face:

Can you share a screenshot of your folders collection? In here you need to add a filter for that property in the form that User’s ( one to many relationship between the Users and Folders. I believe you already have this) email > is equal to > Logged in user’s > email.

Thank you

Hi Dilon,

Thanks à lot for your feedback.

See screenshots.
(From my Phone sorry. No computer available right now)

Where exactly do I need to go to set up the filter / email thing ?


Ah ok! So you have a User one to many relationship that stores the creator of the group!

Now what you need to do is go to the form and then go inside the second section on the form ( fields I think ) and choose the property that displayed the drop-down ( Dosser_Ok ) and add a custom filter that User’s > email > is equal to > Logged in user’s > email.

You can use the Desktop Mode when using your phone!

Dilon, thanks !!
You are my hero :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot!

It works now :slight_smile:

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Hello @dilon_perera and everyone

2 questions :

  1. I am still having a similar issue.

I want user to create a personnal item (called Exercise).

This exercise should only be visible and accessible to the user who created it.

Here is a quick video :

  1. Other question :slight_smile:
    Once the above is resolved. Is there a way to add a box the user can check (or uncheck) to share his personnal exercises (the ones he created) or to keep it private.
    So user can choose to keep an new item private or accessible to all other users.

Thanks a lot for your help!

To do this you need a One to Many relationship between the Users collection and the Exercises collection! And then in the form you can add that property with the Logged in user value!

You can do this by creating a true/false property and then in your list add a toggle and connect that property and in your list that shows all exercises add a filter that true/false property should be false! When it’s true that means it’s private!

Made a video! : Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

Thanks Dilon! Let me check and try it.

I will let you know how it went

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Thanks for the explanations Dilon.

I am still struggling.
I believe the reason is I want to display in the same list the exercises already created by myself as well as the personal exercises created by the user.
Is it possible to do so ? (that would be great)
(=> or do I need 2 differents lists ? => not as great lol)


So you need to display the exercises that created by you and other users? Then you can add all exercises as the filter!

We need to display all exercises created by me + only exercises created by each specific user.

For exemple :
*user 1 needs to see all exercises that I created (included into the app) + the exercises he created
=> but not exercises created by user 2

*user 2 needs to see all exercises that I created (included into the app) + the exercises he created
=> but not exercises created by user 1

I hope it 's clear enough :slight_smile:

Ah go it! The user inputs the user’s name that needs to see in the input right? ( The input In your screenshot )

I m not sure the “input” you mention is related.
I just remove it (the one from the screenshot) because it was not working.

The other thing is that I need to use a filter to filter the “Theme” of the exercise.
The theme of the exercise are in a different collection.

Sorry it’s a bite confusing. Let me make a video to explain how I set it up.

Hopefully that will help you better understand :).

Thanks for your help/time!

Made a video : Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

Let me know if I got this correctly!

Hi Dilon,

Thanks a lot for your video/explanations.

It works!

Not sure I really understood but at the end it it works :).

I now will try to set up the keep private/share personall exercises box!

I believe you already explained it in a previous video.

I will let you know if I succeed.

Thanks again @dilon_perera !

Have a great day

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Hi @dilon_perera

I am not going to use the private/share option after all (maybe later but this is not a priority).

I need to set up one last thing and I can’t find the right way to do it.

I want to allow user to add new themes. But a new theme must be only visible by the user who created it.

Here is a (last ?? :slight_smile: ) video to explain :slight_smile:

thanks for your precious help again!



Hi Cyril,

You can create a One to Many relationship between the Themes collection and the Users collection and you can name the one that created on the Themes collection like Creator and the one that created one the Users collection like My Themes.

And in your Create New Theme form you can add that Creator property and fill that with the Logged in user value.

And in your Dropdown you can change the filter from All Themes to Logged in user’s > Themes.

If you need to show the already created themes too you can create a true/false and mark true for that already created ones and in the Dropdown change the filter that Logged in user’s > Themes to All Themes again and add the first custom filter that Creator’s > Email > is equal to > Logged in user’s email. And add the other filter as AND that true/false property > is true.

Or you can create a text property and on the create new theme form add that as a automatically field and fill that with Logged in user email and in the Dropdown remove the true/false filter and add this new filter as AND that text property > is equal to > empty and the already created ones will show because that property should be empty for the already created ones.

Thank you

Thanks Dilon!

I had to slightly changed the details you provided but I believe I made it work!

Thanks a lot for everything!

Have a great day!

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Hi @dilon_perera

Sorry to bother again.

For some reason, when I create a new user, he does NOT have access to the exercices and themes already included into the app.

See screenshot.

(For some reason, new users “nad” and “jon” have access to 5 theme_1s …)

I need it to be automatic : when a user signs up, he must have access to all the exercises and themes currently present into the app. The ones I added myself as the admin . Also I will add new ones in the future as well.
(except those created by logged in user of course).

Check out this tutorial that I created a few months ago. Maybe this can give you a good idea on how to create that functionality: How To Add A Collection of Items To Another Collection of Items Within Adalo - YouTube

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