Controversal Idea - increase the price!

Hello, I would like to throw out a controversial idea. Personally, I think the PRO price should be raised to at least $99. The additional income should only be used for support, stability, and performance of the app.

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I would make different price plans based on n. of apps. For expemple, if you only build less than 3 apps in Adalo, you pay 29$/month, if you build more, 49$ etc…
This would be fair… Sure, I don’t want to pay 500$ a month :rofl:


PERHAPS a better way to word it:

I would be willing to pay more if the support, stability, and performance was better.


I feel the Component Marketplace 2.0 and the new announced “Project Ready-Made” will be extra revenue driving projects for Adalo.

Adalo is a solution where an individual can do it all on their own and they don’t need to know how to code or have a large team/company that needs to bring in large amounts of profits to make these things possible. Keeping Adalo affordable and accessible for the Average Joe is what makes the service attractive.

It’s just a tricky topic because I’m sure there’s people out there with a large amount of apps out there and they’re “only” paying $50 a month, then there are people like me who have been a pro member for the larger part of a year and haven’t even put out a single app yet, using this time to deeply learn the best practices of making before putting something out.

Pricing plans per app seems fair, I’d rather be able to pay a low amount for a single app that has basically unlimited storage/data, etc. Rather than pay $50 a month for a single app then be forced into an Enterprise plan once/if it becomes successful.

I feel those paying the current rate with a large amount of apps can make up the cost of others forced into Enterprise apps with only one app, by paying a subscription per app.

Sadly I’ll be on holiday while David has opened up his calendar to do a little brainstorming with the community, so I hope you all schedule a meeting and talk over some different approaches! :upside_down_face: