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As a French person, we have some strict GDPR regulations. I know you also have them in the US but they are slightly less strict.
I would like to know if you guys could share your experience about cookies management policy.

I’ll take an example. Here in Europe, we must show a pop-up or slider asking for consent. No cooky should be working before the user agrees to it. Therfore, how to deal with mixpanel? How to turn it on and off based on the user actions?


si “GDPR” est important pour vous, n’utilisez pas le No-Code d’aucune sorte. Envoye en français pour un peu de securite

For the rest, GDPR compliance is like hiring a babysitter or the kid next door to mow your lawn. Technically you must report that to the tax collectors. But if you are very small it goes under the radar. Hire 500 babysitters and start a business, you are on the radar. Facebook does not run on No-Code. No-Code is an incubator (at today’s level, in the near future it will be the final solution).

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. If you are on a no-code platform there is a 99.999% chance you do not know what Data Protection even means. I was in a discussion about storing data in the far east to improve speed. The discussion resulted in the realization that the person didn’t understand how technology works and it would have been a bad idea.

Adalo is in North America, their data center is in North America, GDPR regulations deem that a European company storing European citizen data on a North America service violates GDPR, regardless of cookie consent. Why? Because if the FBI raided Adalos servers, the US courts decide if the FBI gets European data on European citizens, Europe does not get a say (among many other reasons).

If you need GDPR, hire a professional.

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I would not say that it is my main priority. Just trying to have the best match possible.
I believe that before authorities come to check websites like mine, they’ll deal with national companies that are not in the law as well.
Thanks for the feedback

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