🐒 Copy to Clipboard 2.0 | New Component from NoCode Monkey

Hey Everyone,

New Component from NoCode Monkey!!!

Copy to Clipboard 2.0

  • Customize your Button
  • Copy text from database or manual entry
  • Use an Icon and/or Button Text
  • Cover other objects (images, text, etc) with a transparent button and add copy feature to them (see demo)

See Demo
Device Detector (24)


Is this copy that appears possible to translate to Portuguese?

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Yes, you can completely customize the text.

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Hello, I have a news app and I would like people to be able to share the news on their networks or copy them to send by WhatsApp … does that work?

If the text is saved in the database, the user should be able to copy the text.
Basically the Copy to Clipboard component will add any text (through Magic Text or Manual Input) to the users Clipboard.