New Copy to Clipboard component from NoCode Monkey

There’s a new component from NoCode Monkey!
Copy to Clipboard

  • Easy to Use
  • Fully Customizable
  • Single or Multi-Line

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Very nice.

For this component, can we add prefix or suffix words ?

For example, if a chatter wants to reply other chatters in the messaging screen, there would be a prefix that says the name of chatter that is want to be copied.

Alpha type message : “This is insane !”

Bravos copy to clipboard and when pasted, it says like, “Reply to Alpha : This is insane !”
and then continue to type a reply like this, in the same message input
“What do you mean ?”

Something like that.


The component will copy the text that is inside the input. (No extra message)

It wouldn’t add the extra text, although that is an interesting feature.

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Great! How do I get it?

Happy you’re interested.
You can buy this on our store at