Copying App causes custom actions to change on both copies rather than one


I’m currently trying to port over our app by copying the original so we have a dev and prod instance which point to different data sources and endpoints. All the data sources change just fine but I realized when I updated a custom action on one copy of the app it would update both apps… I hope this makes sense happy to clarify further.
Can this please be fixed ASAP trying to launch our product…

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Yes when you copy an app the person who made “copy app” or “copy app with database” when owner did that anyone who copies his app, the database changes.

That’s correct selecting the “copy app” option still causes custom actions to update simultaneously across both.

Hopefully that helped!

Appreciate the help, although unfortunately not. Copying an app also creates a bi-directional relationship between data sources so if I update the endpoint on one app the other app gets updated. I need it so that changes get made independently of each other.

Here is a way to make your app copy able but not sharing database, if you do “make my app cloneable” choose “Clone with no database”

If I don’t want custom actions to change the custom actions in other apps where I copied them, is there a way to do it?

If you don’t want to change anything from someones app?

Is that what you mean?

I have app A where I built a custom action that sends a food order to a restaurant’s Square.
Now a client B that wants the same app. I need to send an order to her Square too and I want to use the same custom action and only change the parameters and some text.

When I change the custom action parameters (like the copy of the text of the order) of client B, the text also changes for client A.

How can I use the same custom action without having to build it from scratch again AND without changing the custom actions of apps that are already deployed?

(appreciate your help a lot, thanks)

So if you copy it it would ask “Copy database” or “sharedatabase” choose copy databse.

I did that, it’s not sharing the DB. But the custom actions seemed to be change even then

It shouldn’t share changes database with orginal databse.

Lemme make a test app, and trying chaging it in your end, and then lets see.

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Clone ( Try deleting all database,

I deleted the testing one. But the problem is not on DB but on Custom Actions! Screenshot 2021-02-01 at 18.14.06|620x500

It haven’t deleted it for me! Try making a new screens and do whatever lets see if it does affect original one, if it doesn’t, thats means deosnt affect it.

it’s not the problem i’m having!
My issue is a “Custom action” not a collection. Custom Actions - Adalo Resources

Custom actions shared among apps change their parameters. I want to know how to avoid that from happening. Any idea?

Yes as a template I have, try chaining the custom action in screen A, it has many actions.

there’s no custom action in your app. Custom action is different than click actions