Ranking feature : Display the position in a list

Hello everyone,
Long time no see! I’m still making improvements on a quiz app that I’ve started.
For now, users have a score, and I’m displaying a ranking in a custom list filtering users based on their scores in a decreasing order.
I now would like to display, either in this list or on the user’s profile the position of each user ex: 23rd or 247th player.
I already assume that the denominator will be the total number of users but I’m stuck for :

  • comparing all scores / filter them in a decreasing order
  • display the player’s position

Would be very grateful for some suggestions!

Hi @Sual ,

This is actually one of the first things that I check out when using Adalo and it is possible.

But this is my secret sauce and would be preferred to talk in private, just in case you are interested in.

Another secret sauce is group chat template that I currently resume building. :grinning:

Hi @Yongki
I’m afraid I did not undertand. Do you actually already solved that problem for yourself and want to monetize it through some kind of template?

For this ranking, it is a paid service and customized, I don’t plan to build a template, because it is not generic.

Well, a little bit story is when I was checking a way out of my database to outside world or to import from another world, I should do some workaround, that was how it started.

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I understand!
Unfortunately the pain and urgency are not acute enough for me to pay. It’s just a nice to have and I was interested in the hints and workaround for these types of feature in general.

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