Positions table

Hi, I need help, I’m putting together an app where users are sellers, at the weekend and the month… there is a table of sales positions from highest to lowest (I already did this)

What I need is that they appear numbered in the table one below the other… how can I do it?
An example of how I need the numbering according to ranking

Okay so i am gonna need to say, please update the table :joy:, and about the technical issue now:
I don’t know if i got you well, but create a list of standings, with teams and point and everything, and add the sorting depending on who has the higher points.

Add text, image add everything you need, then group them and make them a list.

Thank you, but I have already done all that, I only need one detail (the numbering from top to bottom)

  1. I have the user list with weekly points and total points, which are updated when new ones are added
  2. I made a list that orders them from highest to lowest points
  3. All user data and total sales appear in the list

I don’t know how to make the list show the number 1 and the users, below 2 and the users, 3 and the users
That is to say, make me a numbering down

Oh i see

Well i don’t think that’s possible in Adalo, adding the numbering before each user, i hope i am wrong. but i have tried at some point to do that but didn’t reached anything

yes, I am looking for many options… otherwise I should write the number out of the list and leave it already sorted like this… just change the username

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