Countdown boost feature

I would like to add a feature to my app. Users can boost posts for 12 hours. Then the boost stops. This doesn’t work with the Countdown Plugin because it restarts every time someone looks at the post. How can I do that with the data field type “date”? Somehow with “current time” + “12 hours from now” and then the post will be deleted. But that doesn’t work. Would appreciate if someone could help me!

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Add a field for postExpiration then filter the list to not show expired posts (postExpiration is before current Date/Time).

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Thanks for the answer. Can I do this on a detailed post view too instead of a list?

May you explain me why I have to set up BEFORE expired and not AFTER because I always did AFTER yet.

Thank you!

Sorry, my bad. Definitely do postExpiration is after currentDateTime.

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