No code countdown timer

im trying to make a post where after 14 days it disapears and i am trying to make the timer based on when it is created but when i try to magic text current post >created date it says invalid time format some help would be appreciated

If you want the post to disappear you don’t need a timer. Just filter your lists to only show posts created date = after 2 weeks ago

it is not really a post it is like a property listing where once they list their property a timer for 15 days start

Yes so just display only properties created after 15 days ago. Or make a new date field that can be updated later if they extend their listing. That’s probably easiest way to go about this.

but the problem with that is i cant really automate it to get deleted from the record

What do you need deleted from the record? The easiest way to automate in the background is to call the adalo api using


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