Countdown malfunction

Hi adalo community
I have added a countdown function to my app and
followed the steps explained in the link below: Adalo hints: countdown timer for an event - YouTube

The countdown function seems to work whenever I first set up a new event/ appointment. The error occurs once you come out of the newly set up appointment and click back on the same event, as the timer then reverts back to 0 days, 0 hours and 0 minutes. Can you please help me identify where the error comes from? As I want the countdown to continue running until the event is finally happening.

Unfortunately the countdown element only works when you are on the screen. As soon as you change screens the countdown stops and then restarts when you go back to the screen.

@crmorris2 is correct. However, you could probably work around this be updating a property or creating a record for a date/time in the future when someone takes the action to get to this screen. Then use the magic text of that property/record as where you are counting down to. Then when you return to this screen, it may take a second to update, but it should show the correct time.

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hi @ben1 could you please make a little tutorial for this.

thanks in advance.

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