Countdown timer not restarting when leaving page

I have made a way to mass delete users if needed by following the steps this youtuber made in this video: Adalo hints: simple mass delete (countdown timer tricks, part 1) - YouTube

By follow his steps i used it that when i push a button the user will be deleted in 30 days. the problem i am facing now is when i leave the countdown page and enter it again the timer will restart automatically from the beginning. i want the timer to keep counting even when i am not logged in. i cant figure it out, i know that adalo logic is able to support what i want to achieve because i saw someone do it before but i dont know how. Please help me. try explaining step by step i am new at this.

Hi @AdaloIsthebest ,


This is still not achievable without external tool, because it will need a backend service that remember the schedule, which of course will add to additional operational cost.

But if you want an alternative, you can run this as admin, which is basically checking against the 30 days or whatever number and showing list of it and have countdown do actions there.

If you want public example app for that, you can join the waitlist in my profile.

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