Countdown question


I am creating function where user clicks the image and it opens modal screen with counter. Is it possible to create counter to count down but when user closes modal it still continues and if user open the modal again he will see the resume time? Now if user clicks the image the countdown resets.

Also is it possible if user closes the app the count down still goes?

What have you tried so far? What hasn’t worked?

Hi @roope257,

In regards to your first question - this video could be useful for you: Adalo hints: countdown timer for an event - YouTube

As for your second question: no, it is not possible. Countdown is executed in the app, so when you close it → it disappears along with everything else. You can recalculate the time remaining at the next opening though (see video above).

If you would like to set up scheduled events - use Make (Integromat) or Zapier for that.


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