Counting items in filtered list

Hi lovely Adalo people! I’m having trouble with finding how to count the items in a filtered list.

On my app, users can mark an item as completed, for example ‘Museum X in city Y’) . Now I want to display a count of all items this user market as complete in category ‘Museums’ in city Y. I’m using collections for ‘Cities’ and ‘Categories’ and the collection ‘Users’ has a property ‘CompletedItems’ which stores all items the user has marked as completed. Another collection called ‘Items’ has all items in it and I have linked properties such that each item in this collection has an associated city and category.

On top of that, I would like to display the total number of items in a certain category in a certain city. The final result would look like a statistic: “You marked 4/32 museums in city Y as completed”

Can someone help me with this?

Hi @mgwg ,

To use count, you need to setup the relationship first.

Here is the cloneable app,

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Thx much, nice way to filter out the content.

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