Create a 100% height rectangle (Desktop Web App)

Hello everyone !

I am creating a web application for desktop.
I am experiencing the following problem:

When I extend a rectangle to the bottom of the screen on the editor, when I display the application, depending on the screen either it is way too big (you have to scroll to see the end), or it is too small and only reaches the bottom of the screen.

Is there a solution to extend this rectangle all the way to the bottom, adapting to the different screens?
It will also be useful to create a side menu later.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Have you tried extending it beyond (quite a bit) the borders of the page?

Yes, but unfortunately it will overflow on a smaller screen which forces you to scroll to see the whole page.

Try extending it beyond the borders and using the fix position to top or fix position to bottom options, see if that works?

Thank you for this suggestion.
Unfortunately, this even makes the input fields disappear. I also tried grouping the items but that doesn’t work either.

Ok, over extend at the top and bottom, then tick the fix to top option. When you preview it will go crazy wide, then make it really narrow width, preview and then incrementally adjust back out until it’s the right width again. Worked for me, no scrolling and no gaps

Thanks again for your help.
I seem to be unlucky: I think I followed your directions correctly but I always get a similar result.

Here is what I have in my editor:

And this is what I get on the preview (on a rather large screen):

Extend it even more at the top and bottom, then make it super thin

The rectangle does indeed take up a large part of the screen. But even after reducing it to a single pixel, it is still as big as ever and the text fields still don’t appear. I definitely don’t understand what’s going on.

You are right, the alignment on desktop web apps is ridiculous. I’ve been at it a lot today to get a good result, and so I have to say it’s fine.

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I’ve been some work on it too. Using lots of rectangles as divs. What your success used?

Congrats! Did you use the option to fix it at the top or bottom?

Guys, I did it! Here is how:
The secret is to create transparent rectangles.

  1. Create your sidebar with a normal rectangle, extend it a lot below the screen (not on the top), and fix it on the top
  2. Place your components on your rectangle (images, forms, …) and create a group with them without the rectangle use as a sidebar.
  3. Fix this group on the top.
  4. Create a new group including the previous group and your sidebar rectangle (don’t fix it).
  5. Now create a transparent rectangle, without any color, between the right of the screen and your sidebar (the one with red borders on the screenshot below).

That’s it!


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