Incorrect display of the menu in the web application

Hi all!

Faced with the problem of displaying the menu in the web application.

The menu is located on the left side of the page. The problem is that the menu does not stretch across the screen from top to bottom, but has small gaps from the top and bottom. This reflects badly on the user experience and I would like to fix it.

Until recently, this was not a problem, but now it has arisen. No action was taken, could this be a bug on the Adalo side?

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Hello, can you please share an image of the issue that you’re experiencing with the left menu?

Thank you!

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I’m having a similar, sort of related issue. I sent in a ticket. The menu isn’t expanding to the bottom of the page.

The specific component I’m using is ‘Top Navigation’. When I click the hamburger menu, it leaves the bottom of the screen exposed.

If you’re still experiencing this issue, you can use the (Left Menu) screen where you can show the same menu but using a new screen.

Thank you!

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Hi Ali,

Thanks for your reply!

I will send an image soon. roughly 30-40 minutes later

This is how it looks.

The options for how it looks vary from page to page. But there is no correct display on any page

The green checkmarks in the pictures highlight the very spaces above and below the menu

Hi @adalojosh
Can you help with this?

Hello, please select the white rectangle and make it longer from the top and the bottom and the issue will be solved.

Thank you!

Try turning on Sticky While Scrolling. I think that should be on by default. I’m not sure why it’s currently off by default. We’ll take a look.


Thanks for answers!
In the preview, everything looks as it should be.

In the designer panel, the white rectangles of the menu are stretched exactly to the size of the slide. That is, from above and below they are stretched exactly to the edges of the screens. There is no gap between the white rectangles and the top and bottom margins of the slide.

Do I understand correctly that the menu needs to be pulled out of the slide?

It may sound strange, but I must clarify.

Thank you!

Sticky While Scrolling is enabled by default.
I additionally checked.

Apparently this doesn’t solve the problem.

The problem, unfortunately, is still not resolved.
How can it be solved?

I’m having the same problem, including this delayed my delivery of the platform to my client.
I’ve been with Adalo since 2020, when I think it’s going to get better, these things happen, which end up really discouraging me.

I opened a post here on the forum too, but I didn’t even get a response.

Yes, that’s really sad to hear.

User Experience :arrow_down::arrow_down::arrow_down:

On the other hand, this is a rather complex system. But let’s hope for an answer, if only because we are Adalo customers and pay money every month for using an excellent product.
However, we want to enjoy a great product. Albeit with some nuances, but which are eliminated.

We want Adalo employees to eliminate these nuances. But we don’t want support staff to disappear from chats, leaving us in silence and ignorance.


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Looking at it with my team now. We’ll get it fixed.

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Thank you very much @adalojosh
I’m will looking forward to it

Hi @adalojosh

Now checked web-app, while everything remains unchanged.
The problem persists.

Thanks to you and your team for working on this.

I wanted to know how long it might take?

Sorry it has taken this long. The fix is in review now. I’ll post when it has shipped.