Create a tinder clone app

Hello, I would like to make a clone of tinder and when the list of people to match is finished I would like to display the message “oops there is no one left…”. I did everything necessary but when I try in preview: when there is no longer anyone to match the application beug and nothing is displayed. Can you help me please !

Here is the link of my app

Adalomy tinder clone app

Watch this video by @michael.ionita

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hi thanks for your helps but i have seen this video but it’ does not help me because it is about products not users

Hi @rachida,

Tried to clone your app but you didn’t made that clonable. Check this docs to know how you can do that : Cloning Apps and Making Apps Cloneable - Adalo Resources ( basically you need to click the gear icon > go to the app access > and change the drop-down to Clonable ( Screens & Data ) and send the app url )

You need to display a text when the users swiped all users right? You could add a action in here in the deck swiper.


Thank you

hi dilon

I just made my app clonable. thanks for telling me how to do it! then to answer your question: yes I would like a message to appear once all users have been swiped and I would also like the current user not to be in the list of people to swipe. I know I’m asking a lot but I’ve been stuck on this problem for 2 days. I really need help. moreover, I would like the people who have been swiped to no longer appear in the list. thank you very much for your help

Thanks! I’ll look at that!

If you have any solution to my problem i would be very grateful !! Thanks

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