Deck swiper for product

Hello I’m new I have a question I’m stuck it’s for a project to present… Here I want to make a Tinder type app but for objects. So a user has one or more “Item Announcements” and he swipes objects that can be exchanged like his own. But the problem is when I have a match, on the match page I have all the user’s objects, not just the one I liked… I don’t know how to separate the ad from the user. I hope I was clear…

How are the matches being account for? Do you have a match collection?

I would create a match collection with a relation property for Item Announcement and another relation to the User (the one who liked the post).

I would probably have an action on the swipes that creates a “match” setting the Item Announcement as the “current list item”. Then navigate to the match page. It should send the info from the new match only.

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