Create list of items including the items category

Hello everyone!

I have a list of items from an order that the client has made that I wish to display as a list but also to include the item category.

My order items collection looks like this:

So I would like my list to look like this:


This would be for 1 order only. The above screenshot shows 3 orders.

My attempt so far has been to add a custom list with this filter:


And then another list inside of that:


But I can’t seem to get anything to show as I want it.

You can do this with List in a list.

The primary list will be Category and the inner list will be order items within each category.

You can check this tutorial on how to do it: Lists of Lists - Adalo Resources

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@bhanu many thanks! I followed the tutorial, but I seem to be stuck.

If I only select items from one category, all other categories still seem to show (even though no items from these categories have been selected):


Formal Living Room should not appear as no items from that category have been selected.

This is the filter on the order items list:


What am I doing wrong?

Add another filter to the categories to show only when order items is not equal to zero. That should work.

@bhanu - ok thanks! I will give that a try.

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