List in List Filtering

I have an items list and it has a text field that defines its category.
I have an category lists which contains all categories that items have.
I can not create the relation btw these lists as I upload the items list as a bulk data.
I am trying to place a list of categories and when clicked go to the items in that category.

I created a list of categories as custom list.
I put a test and made it list, and filtered it item category text “is equal to” current category name.

But the problem is it works for only the first category in the list, the rest is not showing up.

Am I doing somth wrong, or any idea for work around?

Here is what happens

Not sure if I completely understand … But here is what I understand
Your items collection has one to many relationship with the categories collection
A category can have multiple items
A item belongs to one category

I have followed the below steps and and I could bulk upload (for a similar use case):

  1. Created the categories collection
  2. Created the items collection with a category field (or property having one to many relationship with categories collection)


  1. Uploaded csv files containing all categories to the categories collection
  2. Then uploaded the items csv file (that includes category & item values for each row of data) to the items collection

btw…the screenshot is not very useful. Perhaps if you can upload a video to outline your issue, folks might be helpful.

I didn’t know I could upload the bulk data with realtionship field. That is why I was trying to solve with list in lists afterwards.
This has been very useful. Thank you @Kishore
Bur still it would be nice to know how to find list in list filtering problem withou related fields if anybody has an idea.

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Yes, it is. You need to create an input field to store the name or id of the current category and then filter the product list by this input content. Below some screenshots of this working,

In this sample the input field is set to transparent.


Hi Alencar, can you share a clone of the example above?