Filter a list of Items based on Item Category


Would appreciate all the help i can find to keep me going,

My app issue is on the creation of items > filtering process, let me explain: say Some items are created by bars, others are created by fitness studios, others by shops for instance.

So now i have a screen for each of those businesses,

  • bars
  • fitness studios
  • shops.

Only those that own a business can create an item.

Users that don’t, can not create them. But only see what others have created them.

so now i have a list of items created by these users who own companies,

I made a collection named: types of industry > with a relationship > a business can have one industry, an industry can have many businesses.

This assignment of industry to the businesses helps me identify that the item was created by a business in industry ‘X’.

So now i have assigned all items to its corresponding industry - and i have 4 screens - All Items - Bars - Fitness Studios - Shops.

When i add a list of items into my screen - ‘Bars’ > link the list to a list of Items (My Items Collection) - (Filter) ALL Items.


When adding a custom filter,

  • i can very well state filter > Item Industry Name
  • using: EQUAL TO
  • Theres no other option but to work a solution around Logged In User > ETC.

*** I cant simply Apply Custom Filter: Item Industry Name > To Equal To > Bars for example.

Why is this not possible, is there a work around?

I am very confused and would really appreciate your comments and assistance.



did you try using filter if equal or “contains” (sometimes contains works and Equal to does not work for filters) “other components” → then select: “selected type of business”

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I did use that for items that are active or inactive - it works, but was hoping to have a more dynamic approach on the type of industry and not a list of 10 industries with check boxes. a dropdown seemed cleaner. As a last resort that will do but was hoping to see if theres any work around using this kind of method.


I was hoping that this collection would have 10 venues, and all items created by these venues would display accordingly on the respected screen.

Hi @jmb2021,

Did you try to type the industry name in the bottom field of the filter?


Yes but no luck :man_shrugging:

I am wondering if you just type the industry name, or if there is a “industry Name” or another type of specific quote to specify?

Its confusing… I thought it should work just with the typed name.

Thanks for your reply,


Ok, let me try to explain differently.
In the app I have “Photos” collection and “Photo Categories” collection. Each photo belongs to ONE category.
Here is the screen with list of ALL photos, no filter set:

Then I add the Custom filter to “hardcode” the filtering by Photo Category → Name:

Then I type the Category Name (this is what you wanted to do as I understood - you have a separate page for Bars, where you hardcode the category):

And here is the result:

Hope this helps




Ok now i know what you mean, did not know that could be done. Let me try and get back to you. Thanks so much for your detailed reply.



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Done and worked well, thank you :smiley: