I created new signup page but it did not connect to correct database

I created an external DB in Airtable and successfully connected it to Adalo
I trying to have the form connect to the new DB and not the default logged in users.
I a stumped. I am trying to add the action to the button to update logged in user but the logged in user is showing the old DB. Can someone help here? Thanks

Okay so I figured out that I should add a form and connect that to the correct database. This gives a button to create user. I also added the action to link to another page, I go to preview and enter new user info and click on create new user and nothing is happening. Any ideas here?

Why are you using an external DB for an Adalo app? Is it really necessary?

My understanding is that if you don’t use the external db then you won’t have a universal db. Meaning if app is distributed the db would only be available as is and new users updates or creation across all the distributed app. Please correct me if I am wrong and will be a happy man