Create recurring slots in Adalo (Functional Kit)

Hi everyone,

A few weeks ago I built the recurring slot functionality without using any external services & I got success, but to confirm I was testing the functionality since few weeks. Now I’m fully confident that the functionality is working great & I’m going to share this functional kit with everyone.

Recurring Slot

I hope this kit will help you. Let me know if you have any questions



That’s awesome of you Shantanu!

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This is perfect timing for what I’m needing to add to my app! I am wanting to use this for lunch breaks scheduled daily and believe this could be the solution. Thank you!


Hey everyone,

I just published an update that makes the slot creation process faster. Don’t forget to check out the changes I made.


Hello, this is very good, consult: that also serves so that the client can reserve and select by day and hour? with conditions whether or not it is available?

This is misleading, this is not a function kit as described… this is just an app you made that you allow others to clone. Function kits can be directly added to an existing application, this however, can not.

Hi @JohnP

Thanks for pointing out, but just to be clear as of now Adalo doesn’t have the functionality where you can add existing app logic directly into your app. Apart from that, Adalo calls this a Functional Kit if you want to view more functional kits like the one above please take a look at this page where you can clone the kits into your Adalo account not into your app directly - Functional & UI Kits for Adalo No Code Web & Mobile Apps