Creating a business profile/admin

I’m building a DEALS app that allows businesses to create their own deals and upload to the users on our app. Does anyone have a suggestion for how I should go about making sure the business admin is done right? I want to make sure only businesses can create deals and some random user doesn’t create a business account and build fake deals.


I do this by adding a field to the user profiles like IS_ADMIN? True/False. Then for views, buttons, actions etc you can add conditions that the use has to be IS_ADMIN True for them to see/be able to do things.
Then I usually do a menu item that is only visable to users that are Admins, and put everything sensitive behind that menu, so it helps me know that I won’t accidentally put something in a public view that shouldn’t be there.

I would do something like:
IS_admin for your and other app developers
IS_Owner for business owners
Is-Staff - so that owners can add staff to do things on their behalf (also set owners as Staff to help keep logic simpler.

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Like Tony said you set different account privileges with a true or false option.

You can have a button to go to their dashboard but the button only visible where logged in user > admin > is true. Or logged in user > business owner > is true.

It sounds like you need a way to confirm they are a legitimate business user. You can have a section where admin can edit the user role. So it is up the the admin to select that business owner is true.

My own apps usually work this way. A user signs up and then admin sets the to be a business owner.


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