How can I create both an Admin side and a User side to my App

Can I create Both an Admin and User side to the same app? What does that login setup look like? How do I make it so the user isn’t logging in to the Admin side?

Hi @Grateful1 ,

Create boolean field in users collection that if set is true, means Admin.

Have redirect screen and assign as Home screen, and put action in visit screen that have link to another screen for admin that have conditional of that boolean.

Have another link to another screen for user if the boolean is false.

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Perfect! Thanks so much for writing this out for me. I may need to read this a few time to totally wrap my mind around it.


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Addition to the Yongki’s great reply!

If you are a visual learner this video made by Victor can help you! : Adalo tutorials: admin and user access to different screens - YouTube

And Adalo Documentation also covered this!

Thank you

One thing to consider is if a user could be both- a regular user AND an admin even if the admin just wants to be able to check the view as a user. If so, you might want to code it so that it’s not that you go to different screens directly, but an additional button eg Admin appears, and from that, they go to the admin screens.


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Great idea.

So when they click the button they have to do an extra login?


So when they click the button they have to do an extra login?

No - they log in as normal but as @Yongki suggests you have a yes/no field that also shows them as an Admin. Then on the first screen after login you have a button “got to admin screen” that has a conditional visibility so it only shows to admin users. Normal users cant see that button so cant click it.


Thankyou, I didn’t realize that.

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