User rights in app solution


I’m getting a go at creating an example app where a user creates a company (the admin) then he can share that company to users.

I’ve tried to solve this only using Adalo and without API such as Zapier as suggested in other posts. (Event App: Invite Attendees (users) to app or How to Invite New User to Connect to Existing User?)

I would love to have your feedback on this - do I make a design mistake? Did anyone already tried this?

Please see the app (cloneable) here: test user rights

How to test:
Signup - login - create a company - Add a user
If you want others users to be able to add you to a company, you have to go in “change my view” and mark you as “findable”

In details:
A user sign up and create a simple company with a name.
There is a True/false property on the user which is “findable” - allowing other users to find that user and add that user as a user in their own company.
As an admin of a company, I can see a list of users that have the “findable” property selected as yes.
When I add a user, he is linked to the company as a user - and not as an admin.

When I want to add a new user. First that new user needs to download the application, create an account, activate the “findable” function.
Then the admin look for that user in the list and add him in that company as user.

Then it would be possible to add screens, views dedicated for users or admin.

In that specific case, it’s possible to manage admin/user rights only with Adalo and direct communication (verbal, phone or email)

Thanks a lot for your feedback.!

@moderators any feedback on the way to manager user rights?

rights can be granted with True/False properties , or number properties if you have multi-level access like (Super admin =1, admin= 2, editor= 3, user=4 )
you just have to know how to use visibility rules on buttons that lead to the relevant screen/infos

if role is less or equal 2 then (means that onlys admins and super admins can see that button/info

is that clear?

Thank you @Benalihoussam - it’s clear.

I would be very wary of building admin level rights with visibility rules.
If the rules fail for whatever reason, you may have opened up your admin side to a low tier user.

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